Laura Kornhauser is the Co-founder and CEO of Stratyfy, an ethical AI company based in New York, NY. Stratyfy’s mission is to accelerate financial inclusion by providing greater transparency and less bias to critical financial decisions that impact millions of people. Stratyfy's patented machine learning tools optimize risk and mitigate bias, allowing traditional banking services to safely open doors for underbanked consumers and drive impact at scale. Prior to Stratyfy, Laura was an Executive Director at JPMorgan, focused on building risk strategies and products for the bank and its largest institutional and corporate customers. Her 12 years at JPMorgan and passion for addressing inequities in our financial system led her to found Stratyfy in 2017. Laura received her MBA from Columbia Business School and her BSE in Operations Research and Financial Engineering from Princeton University where was awarded for her thesis that correctly identified, quantified and predicted the inflating housing market bubble years before it burst. In 2020, Laura received the NYU Stern Liz Elting Deep Tech award for her leadership and work with Stratyfy in tackling the lack of transparency and bias inherent in many AI/ML driven processes.


Laura Kornhauser
CEO and Co-Founder